Thank you for choosing T-Tech. We are a locally owned and operated computer repair shop, located in Rawlins WY.

Who We Are

Our owner and lead tech, Tannim Hallman, worked for Josh Weickum at Empyre Solutions, as a computer repair technician and IT consultant, for over three years. When Empyre closed, Tannim stepped out on his own to provide quality computer repair services to the Rawlins community.

Prior to working for Empyre, Tannim spent his time making websites for churches. He also built the network at Sinclair Baptist Church, while working there as a Ministry Apprentice.

We work on Window, Linux, and even a smattering of Mac. While our primary focus is virus removal and data recovery, we can also perform hardware upgrades. If you’re looking to upgrade your graphics card, your network adapter, your hard drive (maybe transition to a solid state?), or upgrade your memory to make your computer faster, we can help.

What We Do

T-Tech can install software for you, from games and Android emulators to complete operating systems.

We can replace touch screens and traditional LCD laptop screens, however, we do not work on tablet and phone screens. For that, we recommend Cody Anderson at UCracknIFix Mobile Device Repair

Depending on the printer, we can repair those, too. We typically recommend that, if you have an inkjet printer you spent less than $200 on, you replace it, though. It’s usually not financially wise to pour money into what is considered to be a disposable printer. We do fix laser printers, and we will work on your inkjet printer, if you want us to do so.

If you’re looking to buy a new desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or printer, we can help you choose the right one that will meet your needs, without breaking the bank.

If your wireless network goes down, we can help. We can also recommend, configure, and install the right network equipment to get you up and running.