Virus Removal

There are several factors that can be indicators of an infection. Some of them are easy to spot, such as popups and browser redirects.

Sometimes, viruses present themselves in ways that could also indicate a different problem. Printers suddenly won’t respond, which may lead someone to believe there is a problem with the printer. Slow performance, which could also indicate a hard drive that is overloaded or about to fail. Programs or files that randomly refuse to load, which can also be a sign of a hard drive issue. Slow internet browsing could also indicate a problem with internet devices (such as modems), or an issue with your internet provider.

There are some signs that can be difficult to catch. File sizes that randomly change. Sometimes, you may see a very quick flash, that almost mirrors a monitor auto-adjusting.

As hard as it can be to diagnose a virus, it can be even harder to remove, using only your antivirus program. The fact is, no antivirus solution is perfect. Some are definitely than others, but they all fail somewhere.

That’s why we use a comprehensive 45 point procedure to eradicate all traces of infection. During this procedure, we also perform hardware diagnostics and inspection, to eliminate the possibility of a potential failure causing the issues. We also make complete backups of the system before and after disinfection so, if there is data loss, we can recover it. Not only do we eradicate definite viruses, we also remove the traces that can be hidden within system folders and remove the programs that may be responsible for the infection, to begin with.

Ensuring the complete eradication of infections requires a lot of manual work, and takes time. This isn’t something we can take in when we open and return to the customer before we close the same day. Typically, we can get the computer finished up and back out within a week.

If another firm tells you they can have your computer back to you the same day, they’re cutting corners. They’re probably not making good, complete backups. It’s also likely they’re not going through and removing all the traces that hide in the system folders. It’s extremely likely they’re simply re-installing your operating system, rather than disinfecting it, which causes more trouble for the consumer in the long run. When the operating system is re-installed, printers have to be re-installed after you get the system home. Also, many programs will not be re-installed by the technician, because they don’t have the software and they don’t have the licensing keys.

A typical disinfection, with no hardware issues, costs $120. Sure, there are firms that can do it for less, but the IT world is one in which you get what you pay for. We don’t have cut rate prices because we don’t do cut rate work.