System Setup

You just got a new computer. That’s great! Now, what do you do with it?

New PC’s often come with trials of Office 365 and McAfee. That’s all well and good, as far as it goes, but those trials run out and, if you’re already using them, could cost you more in the very short term.

When T-Tech sets up a new system, one of the first things we do is remove the trialware and bloatware that manufacturers put on the machines. No, you really don’t need the 20+ apps Lenovo slaps onto every computer they sell. In fact, most of what the manufacturers, such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, and HP put on their new machines is practically worthless, or is a stripped-down trial version of retail software.

After we have cleaned out and set up a new system, there is no trialware. There is no bloatware. There is nothing that will cost you extra down the road. There is, however, complete functionality.

We will ensure that you have a full, free office suite, that is compatible with Microsoft Office, so you can share documents with colleagues. You will have a basic PDF reader that will also allow you fill in PDF forms. You will have all the software needed to play any media, without having to search for a plugin or download additional software to play something from iTunes.

We ensure that every PC that leaves the shop has the best antivirus and virus removal protection money can’t buy. Bitdefender is installed on every system. It has a 99% catch rate for established viruses, and for 0-day exploits (viruses and exploits which are new enough the antivirus companies haven’t made a definition update for yet). We also install Malwarebytes as a stand-alone, on-demand scanner.

If you just caught that we put two antivirus products on one machine, and are about to send us an email telling us that’s a bad idea, good on you for knowing that’s typically a bad idea. Putting two real-time scanners on one machine is an absolute no-no. However, pairing a real-time scanner with an on-demand scanner does not cause the issues that having, say, McAfee and Norton both running at the same time would cause. In fact, using an on-demand scanner in conjunction with a real-time scanner is a good way to catch what a real-time scanner might miss.

PCs that we have set up also have both Firefox and Chrome installed. Yes, you can still use Edge or Internet Explorer, but we really don’t recommend it. IE has been proven time and again to be less secure than FF or Chrome, and Edge is really a redesign of IE.

Other utilities we install include a much better DVD burner than what comes with Windows, an uninstaller that truly scrubs all the miscellaneous files that built-in uninstallers miss, one of the most comprehensive compression utilities available, all the necessary runtimes, like Java, Silverlight, and Air, and the Classic Start menu that brings Windows 7-like start menu functionality to Windows 8 and 10.

Other programs, such as iTunes, FileZilla, Eclipse, and Thunderbird can also be added.

The best part of the programs that we install is that, with the exception of BitDefender (which updates itself), all of them can be updated by running an app on your desktop called the Manual Update Utility. There is no more wondering if your apps are up-to-date, clicking on spoofed updaters, or running all over the net to find the updates and patches for your programs.

We’ll also make sure all of your Windows Updates have been run, and your system is completely up-to-date. We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep Windows updated. Microsoft works hard to patch security holes but, if you don’t make sure your system has all the most current updates, you will not have that additional security to combat the most recent exploits.

Once we’re done making your system efficient and productive, we take a backup of it. That way, if something happens, we can revert back to the completely workable state it’s in when it leaves the shop.

Setting up the system does not include installing your printer or other peripherals you may have, but if you tell us what printer you have, we can get the proper, up-to-date drivers for you and, if you wish, we can make a house call to help with peripheral setup, for an additional fee.

Setting up a new system typically runs $60. The software included in the setup costs nothing, and is completely legal. Competitive retail software breaks down something like this:

  • Office 365 with all products that LibreOffice and Thunderbird offer – $12.95/month ($155.40/yr)
  • BitDefender Antivirus Plus (the only paid solutions we would recommend) $39.99/yr
  • The other software is freely available on the internet, but may come with adware, nagware, browser redirections, and additional potentially unwanted software, if installed with typical settings. Some of it will also not auto-update. Assuming minimum wage ($5.15/hr) and five hours/month to update the software and remove the bloatware that comes with the updates (every time you update), the time spent on these programs comes out to roughly $25.75/month ($309/yr).
  • The total value of these software packages becomes $42.03/month ($504.39/yr). That figure could be significantly higher, depending on how much you value your time.

System Setup can be combined with Data Recovery to put all your pictures, videos, documents, and music on the new machine at a discount. While setting up the system, we can also install your software at a discounted rate.