Service Calls

Yes, we make house calls!

Many times, customers don’t need a full-on disinfection that could take days. Often, they’re just having a weird problem that can be hammered out in a couple of hours. For these situations, when it’s going to be a relatively quick fix, and the customer is unable to bring the equipment in to the shop, or the problem appears to be in the network, we can come to you, and work on your equipment in your home or office.

  • The basic service call fee is $75, and includes the first half hour on-site.
  • The clock starts for hourly billing after that initial half-hour.
  • The first hour of hourly time is $90.
  • The second through fourth hours are $80/hr.
  • The fifth through eighth hours are $70/hr.
  • Over eight hours is $60/hr.
  • Hourly rates are billed incrementally, so if the technician is only on-site for 45 minutes, the customer is billed for the service call fee and 15 minutes at the first hourly rate.
  • Mileage is billed at $0.50/mile each way, if the call is outside of Rawlins city limits. A call at Sinclair Baptist Church ( a good, central location in Sinclair) would run $3 each way, or $6 round-trip.

Sometimes, the billing schedule can be confusing, so let’s look at an example of how this works. The technician arrives at 9am. This incurs the service call fee, which covers until 9:30. From 9:30-10:30, the first hourly rate is charged, which is $90. From 10:30-1:30, the rate is $80/hr. From 1:30-5:30, the rate is $70/hr. If the job takes longer than that, the rate is $60/hr.

If we have to leave the site before the job is finished, the rates will pick up where they left off. So, if we were three hours in, and had to come back on another day, billing would continue as if we had not left. That way, customers don’t have to pay the service call fee and the higher first hour rate for every visit while we’re working to solve an issue.