Printer Repair

Let’s be honest about printers for a moment. We do repair printers but, in many cases, we don’t recommend repairing them.

The average consumer-grade, home printer sells for well under $200. In the case of inkjet printers, it’s cheaper to replace the printer than to replace the ink cartridges. With your standard inkjet, going much beyond replacing the print head (if it can be replaced) or clearing a paper jam just isn’t financially wise. It will cost more to repair than to replace, in most cases.

Laser printers are a bit better, in this regard. With a laser printer, more of the parts are designed to be replaced when they wear out, especially when you get into the higher end devices.

Basically, if it fits on your desk, there’s a very good chance it’s not worth repairing. We will take a look at it for you, and let you know if it’s something that should be repaired (or even can be).

This is one of those things we can do in your home or in our shop. To take a look at it in the shop, there is the shop minimum $30 for diagnostics. If we do decide it’s worth fixing, the rate is $120/hr. You only get charged for time actually spent working on the device, not for idle time in the shop. If we go to your home, we charge $75 for a service call, and then there are hourly rates above that.

If your printer is too large and heavy to bring into the shop, there’s a good chance you’ve got a commercial grade printer, which are more expensive, typically more reliable, and, usually, worth the investment of a repair. If you bought a desktop printer from Best Buy, Office Depot, or Walmart, you’re probably better off to replace it.