Printer Install

Hopefully, you’ve come here before buying a new printer. We would love to go over the differences between inkjets and laser printers, and the best uses for them. We would also love to be able to go over our printer recommendations to help you find the printer that will do what you want in the most economical way. Cost per page can vary wildly from printer to printer.

Once you have your new printer, we can come out and help you install it. With most printers, you have choices. Do you want to connect directly to one desktop PC via USB cable, do you want to connect it through your router so all your devices can hit it, or do you want to use it is a standalone wireless printer (for the sake of reliability and connectivity, don’t do this, even if your printer is capable).

Installing a printer usually brings with it a plethora of other software, some of which is really useful, some of which is not. Do you really need to order your ink or toner directly from HP, Dell, or whoever made your printer? Probably not. It’s cheaper on Amazon. Do you need that OCR program it’s trying to install? Yes, you do. There are, actually, very few programs that your printer tries to install that you actually need, or that you will actually ever use. There are some, though, like OCR software, which allows you to edit scanned pdf files, that can come in really handy. The trick is knowing which is which, without needing to install everything (including the “customer experience” garbage that sends your printing and computer usage information back to the maker), and bogging down your PC with unnecessary junkware.

For the cost of a service call, which is $75, we will come to your house, connect and install your printer, and make sure you have the right drivers to use it, without issues.