Phones and Tablets

Like any other device, phones and tablets break. If you’ve ever dropped one, then you know the most common issue, already. Screens are the most common part replaced on phones and tablets, but they’re not the only part that can need replacing.

In addition to screens, speakers, cameras, microphones, internal batteries, and wifi and Bluetooth antennas can all die. Fortunately, these can be replaced on many models, for far less than it would cost to replace the device.

We have a special spot in the shop for teardown repairs, which prevents accidental additional damage, parts loss, scratches to new screens. We also have all the tools necessary to make these repairs without scratching or gouging the device being worked on.

Phone and tablet repairs can typically completed withing two days of the parts arriving in the shop, which includes full testing of the device when it is finished. The touch screen, speakers, cameras, microphones, and all the buttons will be tested for full functionality before the device is certified repaired.

We can repair just about any phone or tablet issue, with the exception of mainboard issues, for $60 plus parts.