Laptop Screens

One of the most common hardware issues with laptops is the broken screen. It’s almost as common as a bad hard drive. It can be caused by a fall, putting something heavy on the laptop, or other misadventure, like a spooked puppy ripping the laptop off your lap.

When a screen replacement is needed, we do a hardware diagnostic before ordering the screen. That way, we know if any additional damage was done that may make replacing the machine a more financially viable option. Really, we try to make sure we’re giving you the best options for your pocketbook. It would be easy to replace the screen and charge you for it, then have you come back the next day because you’re hard drive’s going out, and charge you for that, too. Some firms would do that. We won’t. Before we start any procedure, we make sure the hardware is sound, or let you know where other problems lie, to save you money.

Diagnostics are done before the screen is ordered so we can replace the screen the day it comes in. In most cases, you’ll be able to pick up your laptop the day after we have the parts. Touchscreens may take a little longer, but not by much.

Screen replacements cost $60 plus the cost of the part.