Install OS

Something happened and your Windows, Mac OS, or Linux installation is completely corrupted. It may have been a virus, it may have been caused by accidentally deleting or modifying a system file, or something in the registry. Some viruses can also destroy an operating system.

It’s a difficult to see happen. It can be panic-inducing. The first fear is often the loss of data. The second fear is that the computer is dead, and will have to be replaced.

Fortunately, both of those fears can often be laid to rest. At T-Tech, the first thing we do in a situation like this, after making sure the hard drive is not excessively physically damaged, is to make a backup of the entire hard drive.

After making that backup, we can go into it from a different machine and recover the data. In most cases, no photos, videos, documents, or music is lost. It is very rare that we fail to recover any data.

After we have insured that the data is recovered, and the hardware is not failing, we can reinstall your operating system, and bring your computer back to life.

An operating system re-install is a procedure we only use if we cannot repair the system any other way. Printers and other peripherals have to be reinstalled. Programs often can’t be recovered. Preferences and custom settings/tweaks to the system are reset to default.

When we do have to re-install the operating system, we make sure that all the drivers for on-board devices (graphics cards, network cards, etc) are installed, so the system will run normally. We also include all of the software included in System Setup.

Restoring data has a small, additional fee of $30. This can be more if the hard drive is damaged, and it requires cloning, which a sector-by-sector image of the hard drive, which can then be used to create the backup.

The install of the operating system, without data, and assuming there are no hardware issues, is $120.