Hard Drive Replacement

The hard drive is the storage component of your PC. It’s where all your programs and data live. If it fails, the potential for disastrous data loss is huge!

There is also potential to save your data. Please see Data Recovery for more info on that.

Whether the data can be recovered or not, when a hard drive starts to go, you really have two options. You can replace the drive, or you can replace the whole computer. The real consideration is cost.

Hard Drive Replacement System Replacement
Cost of Drive ~ $80

Cost of Quality PC ~ $600

Cost of Budget PC ~ $400

Install Drive $45 Not required

Clone, if necessary $150

(includes transfer of data to new machine

and install of operating system

Clone not required, nor advised

Data Transfer, if clone not necessary $97.50

(Includes install of operating system)

Data Transfer $97.50

(Includes System Setup)

Total Cost $225 – $275 Total Cost $500 – $700

If the system in question is running an out-of-date operating system, such as Windows Vista, or has a 32-bit processor or other obsolete components, we will recommend replacing the system.