Sometimes, you just know what you want, and you can’t find it from the established manufacturers. Maybe you want the ultimate gaming rig. Perhaps, you just want something that’ll do the basics, without a whole lot of extras you’ll never use.

There can be a lot of compatibility issues to check when building a custom machine. The motherboard, CPU, and RAM all have to be able to work together. The power supply has to supply enough power to run all of the devices in the system. You have to make sure you have enough of the right expansion ports for graphics cards, sound cards, additional high speed internet cards. You have to decide if you want to get a graphics card with an output that your monitor supports, or get a new monitor that will support the more modern graphics card outputs.

In addition to that, you need to decide if you want liquid cooled or air cooled components. Do you want a Blu-Ray drive of just DVD. Standard hard drive or solid-state? Maybe you want your operating system on a solid state, so it boots faster, but your data on traditional hard drives, because of the lower cost. How much RAM will you need? How fast of a processor do you want? Which operating system will you run?

That’s a lot of thinking and planning, which is why pre-built systems are so popular. If you want a custom rig, though, we can help you navigate through all the options to come up with the right system for you, that will do what you want it to do, and build your dream machine.

The labor for going through all the compatibility and functionality checks, then ordering the parts, and building the machine, runs $200 for an air-cooled system, and $250 for a liquid-cooled system. Parts are extra.