About Us

Tannim started out at the Miller Hall Computer Center at Western Washington University in the summer of 1989, between his freshman and sophomore years in high school. He went back to WWU for the next two summers, working in computer labs and assisting the Apple Student Rep on campus build a database of all the computer labs and library computer systems on campus.

In the early ’90’s, he worked for Altra, in Rawlins, WY, performing over the phone tech support for the Felix pointing device.

In 2011, he went to work for Baptist Youth Mission as a ministry apprentice. Part of his duties there included building the sound system and network at Sinclair Baptist Church.

In 2013, Tannim branched out into building WordPress websites for small churches, using his contacts from BYM.

2013 was also the year he started working for Empyre Solutions. While there, he learned a great deal about personal computer repair, virus removal, system optimization, and a fair bit about network equipment.

When Empyre closed in 2017, Tannim struck out on his out to found T-Tech, where he continues to bring a valuable service to the Rawlins community.